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Dr. Howa has been practicing dentistry since 1989. He graduated from Washington University School of Dental Medicine receiving the distinguished OKU (Omicron Kappa Upsilon) award. He strives to offer comfortable and quality dentistry for the whole family. A life long dental relationship is his main goal.

Services Dr Curtis M Howa Provides

Teeth Whitening

In office & home treatments available. Our options include: Custom whitening trays made specifically for you mouth, One size fits all whitening trays, In office chair-side whitening,


Dr. Howa is very patient and understanding. He enjoys working on the very young to the more mature patient. When seeing Dr. Howa you can be assured that you and your family will feel comfortable and receive the best care in the industry.

Cosmetic & Reconstructive

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry using the latest technology

Check ups & Preventative Care

Dr. Howa enjoys cleaning everyone's teeth. He spends more time with his patients providing a more thorough examination ensuring each person is as healthy as they can be. An oral cancer screening is completed on every check-up.

Additional information about Dr Curtis M Howa

Education & Work DMD

Dr. Howa completed his undergrad at the University of Utah. He is an avid U fan and his school spirit can be seen when looking at all the memorabilia throughout his office. Dr. Howa graduated from Washington University School of Dental Medicine receiving the distinguished OKU (Omicron Kappa Upsilon) award ( see info here). Dr. Howa worked with the Utah Grizzlies as the Team Dentist for 16 years. Also during the 2002 olympics he volunteered to cover the hockey games.

New Patient Forms

Consent To Proceed Dental Health History New Patient Information Notice off Privacy Practices Office Financial Policies and Federal Truth-In-Lending Statement *Note the forms above are for your convenience. If you do not wish to print and fill them out prior to your visit you will have the option to do so when you get to the office.


I highly recommend Dr. Howa. He has my utmost confidence and trust. You can be assured of receiving the best dental care. I have referred family and friends who couldn't be happier. One referral was told she needed a root canal and implant costing $5,000.00 plus by a dentist. After treating with Dr. Howa and six years later,she has her original tooth and is fine. He makes sure he is available after hours and on the weekend. His office staff are great to work with too. Patricia LaTulippe - Posted on Health Grades I have been going to Curtis for 20 years. He does such a great job and is so efficient. Even on the most difficult procedures he has me in and out in no time. He recently started treating my elderly mother and he is so kind and gentle with her! His assistant Jana is wonderful as well! Thank you Curtis! Annalee Rowley - Posted on Health Grades Very kind, gentle and professional! My children go to him and now my grandchildren go! Great staff! Alysen Jeffries - Posted on Health Grades A+ - Most comfortable I have ever felt in a dental chair. Self-verified patient of Dr. Curtis M Howa - Posted on on Vitals Best Dentist Ever! - I have been a patient of Dr. Howa for many years now. I have referred both family and friends to his office. Dr. Howa and his staff are friendly, caring, and professional. You feel more like part of the family then just a patient when you go there. You are always greeted with a smile from his staff when you walk in and they make you feel very welcomed. Never thought going to a dentist could be this much fun! Thank you Dr. Howa and his awesome staff!! A patient who verified they visited Dr. Curtis M Howa - Posted on Vitals A wonderful surprise - No one really likes going to the dentist, however, Dr. Howa and his staff are amazing. I have always been terrified of going to the dentist, but this office has helped me reduce those fears immensely. Dr. Howa has a gentle touch, and his assistant had such a caring manner that I felt so much better that I found this awesome place. The relaxed atmosphere helped calm my nerves, the fun teasing I listened to between Dr. Howa and his assistant about her college experience kept my mind off that I was at the dentist. I was told by a co-worker that he was the best, and I have to say, Dr. Howa and his assistant are. I actually look forwards to my next visit. Thank you so much Dr. Howa! Self-verified patient of Dr. Curtis M Howa - Posted on Vitals Dr. Howa is our family dentist. Dr. Howa goes the extra mile to help provide dental care for our handicapped adult son. Dr. Howa is kind, patient and works with our son to make his appointment the least traumatic as possible. His whole staff is courteous, friendly and accommodating to emergencies when they arise. Self-verified patient of Dr. Curtis M Howa - Posted on Vitals

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6784 S Highland Drive Suite A Cottonwood Heights, Utah 84121 (801) 733-4199 cmhowa[at]hotmail[dot]com

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